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If you are looking to enjoy your beautiful exterior property with family members and neighbors, our Ankeny wood decks are a wonderful way to put all that outside space to use. We offer only the highest quality products and can perform our excellent installations in a timely fashion so that you do not have to delay relaxing outside with those you love. For true customization of your unique preferences. Ankeny Deck Specialist has the support you need. 

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Why Homeowners Opt for Wooden Decks

There is something so aesthetically pleasing about using natural wood to build your deck. Even though other types of materials may resemble wood closely, it is hard to beat the attractiveness of pure wood itself. There are also so many colors, textures, and grains that you have a huge range of selections to pick from. Not only are wooden decks so beautiful, however, but they are also quite affordable. Just discuss your own personal preferences with our knowledgeable professionals today.

Multiple Types of Wood Decks to Consider for Your Home

Many homeowners initially focus on the color of their deck, prioritizing the shades and hues of their gorgeous, natural-looking extension of the property. Even though color is certainly an important part, the material of your deck itself is critical to consider before you even start the preparation process. Different types of wood have unique properties which make them more or less durable against weathering, resilient to dents and scratches, and protected from fading. 

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Dedicated to Your Highest Satisfaction

Our whole team at Ankeny Deck Specialist wants you to know that the moment you step through our doors, you will get the highest form of quality in your wood installation. Do not worry about sloppy work that leaves splinters or dents here and there, since our professionals always provide superior handiwork. 

A few examples of woods you could choose from include: